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Nature Vs. Nurture Childhood Obesity - 1510 Words

Ian Duffy Nature v. Nurture in Childhood Adiposity The nature versus nurture debate is one of the most longstanding arguments in the history of psychology and it aims to determine what has greater influence on personal development; one’s genes and inherited qualities compared to one’s environment. This debate is especially interesting in the study of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate in most developed countries throughout the world and it cannot be understated how serious the consequences can be. Obese children have higher chances of developing various health problems like diabetes, bone and joint issues, asthma and high blood pressure. Therefore it is important to understand the root causes of the childhood obesity epidemic so that this problem may begin to be solved. From a nature standpoint, it is scientifically proven that genetics are able to but do not always play a key role in childhood adiposity. However, while the propensity to develop above average body fat as a child can be inherited, one’s environment also has large implications. In the study of childhood obesity, nurture proponents give greater value to factors like overall declines in physical activity and increased availability of calorie laden foods as causes of being overweight. In Etiologies of Obesity in Children: Nature and Nurture authors Joseph A. Skelton, Megan B. Irby, Joseph Grzywacz, and Gary Miller provide a great overview of the causes of thisShow MoreRelatedThe Role Of Nature And Nurture Development At Childhood Stages1603 Words   |  7 Pages Childhood Development Student’s Name University Name â€Æ' Childhood Development Introduction Twins who have the same genetic makeup raised up in a different environment have portrayed variation in performance and other dynamics of intelligence quotients, physical development, and socioemotional development. Research on adoptions has also revealed interesting results concerning biological and nature in the development of the children. Therefore, this raises the question about the roles of nature andRead More Nature vs Nurture: Genes vs Environment Essay1490 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction A debate between psychologist, scientists and philosopher thinkers on the spectrum of ‘nature vs. nurture’ arose concerning human development. In the nature versus nurture debate, the term nature refers to the genes we inherit while the term nurture refers to our outside environment (Nature vs. Nurture: Twin and Adoption Studies). This debate of ‘nature vs. nurture’ has existed for centuries and up to now it is still a topic of major discussion although at present time. Human developmentRead MoreThe Importance of Nature and Nurture Essay1036 Words   |  5 Pages The nature versus nurture debate has lasted centuries due to the difficulty of separating genetic and environmental factors in humans. Studies on behavioral genetics measure similarity between subjects, but cannot locate its origin. For this, a control must be present, leading scientists to twin research. Identical twins have the exact same DNA, differing from fraternal twins with only 50% similarity, no greater than average siblings. Identical twins offer a natural experiment that allows researchersRead MoreM1 AND D1 Development through life stages3017 Words   |  13 Pagesï » ¿Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of the individual (M1) Evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of two stages of the development of the individual (D1). Nature can be loosely defined as genetic inheritance or the genetic makeup (the information encoded in your genes) which a person inherits from both parents at the time of conception and carries throughout life. Several things in an individual geneticallyRead MoreThe Big Five Personality Traits3406 Words   |  14 Pagesstability. I would associate myself with the agreeableness trait because I feel that I display kindness and gentleness and that I am affectionate. 3. Obesity in US children is on the increase. What three things can parents do to avoid obesity in their children? Why is each important? The institute of medicine, as quoted by Kathleen Berger states that â€Å"obesity is more common in infants who are not breast-fed, in preschoolers who watch TV and dink soda, and in school-age children who are not breast-fedRead MoreAdolescence Is The Most Important Stages Of Human Development1282 Words   |  6 Pagesone of the most important stages of human development. The biological stage of adolescence is crucial because it physically forms the child into an adult. When the child goes through puberty they are metaphorically and literally leaving their childhood behind. Puberty is the stage where children experience growth spurts, fertility, and sexual maturation. This change generally occurs between the ages of 9 to 13 and 11 to 15 for females and males respectively (ReCAPP 2007). When the body is maturingRead MoreNature vs. Nurture Shown in Family Addiction3111 Words   |  12 Pagesboth alcoholics. John has been exposed to his mother’s inappropriate relationship with alcohol since before he was born. In the age-old debate of nature vs. nurture, some would say it was merely natural for John to follow his mother’s path, a la the apple does not fall far from the tree—his addiction was inherited. Others would argue that John’s childhood experiences and home environment led him on the road to addiction. Many might q uestion whether John would have fared better if he had been raisedRead MoreObesity is NOT a Disease Essay2361 Words   |  10 PagesHIV/AIDS is due to unprotected sex. Obesity contributes to heart disease as well as several other diseases. Unprotected sex, smoking, and obesity are not the disease; they are the cause of disease. Many public forums such as the news, health professionals, educational articles, and pharmaceutical companies have referred to obesity as a disease. There is a growing debate in America about whether or not obesity is a disease and if it is appropriate to call it a disease. Obesity has not been officially classifiedRead MorePsychology P1 and M13058 Words   |  13 Pageseat more or could potentially become addicted to food leading to illnesses such as diabetes and obesity. Psychodynamic approach. Within this approach there are only two theorists these are Freud and Erikson (1905). They both talk about the conscious and un-conscious mind. The psychodynamic approach by Freud and Erickson focuses on the impact the un-conscious mind has on behaviour, bad childhood experiences and dealing with emotion. When someone does not want to accept that something bad hasRead MoreThe Benefits of Healthy Eating1739 Words   |  7 Pagesqualified people jump one the bandwagon to prescribe and recommend. Because up to 75 percent of deaths in this country are a result of life-style related degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, depression, aging, and numerous other conditions, the importance of healthful eating is being stressed more and more.( The Nutrition Desk Reference, Robert Garrison Jr. M.A, R.Ph Elizabeth Somer, M.A, R.D,1997). Although there are

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Arts Integrated Into The Curriculum - 931 Words

University Of West Florida Arts Integrated Into the Curriculum Who doesn’t love to have fun while they are learning? While most would answer that with a yes some may say, there is no way to make learning fun. The arts consist of dance, music, visual arts, or even theater. If we used the fine arts to teach the core subjects (math, science, or language arts) you might just realize that learning can be fun. Art integration sometimes is not used due to lack of funding, or even teacher experience that is sad because the benefits are endless when it comes to student learning. What is art integration? Art integration is when teachers use the fine arts to assist in the teaching of core subjects. The fine arts consist of anything that includes dance, music, visual arts, and theater. The core subjects would be math, reading or language arts, science, social studies and even physical education. The way the integration works is if the teacher can make the two groups fit together without any flaws. Riley (2012) found that teachers cannot only just use integration, but they need to collaborate, and research to make it work properly in their lesson plans. While it is not hard to do, it just takes some time to get used to using the arts while teaching the core subjects. According to Riley, (2012) students need to work hard also to make integration function correctly. They must be creative, use problem-solving skills, collaboration and be able to work through â€Å"multiple concepts† toShow MoreRelatedHow Learning Areas Such As The Arts And Literacies Are Woven Into An Integrated Cu rriculum Essay1550 Words   |  7 Pages 1. Discuss how learning areas such as the arts and literacies are woven into an integrated curriculum, with reference to the Aotearoa New Zealand context and Te Whariki (Ministry of education, 1996). Arts and literacies are woven into an integrated curriculum giving children the ability to problem solve, communicate without language and express themselves in a verbal and non-verbal way. A child’s learning development is influenced by their communication with other children and adults, the environmentRead MoreStudents Knowledge And Thirst For Greater Understanding950 Words   |  4 Pageswords today. One way to make these connections is by using integrated thematic units. Inga Randle (1997) discussed the fourth grade students of Barbara Pedersen who were so eager to learn they would willingly skip recess to be in the classroom learning. Pedersen used integrated thematic instruction to inspire her students. So, by learning what an integrated thematic unit is, why integrated thematic units should be used, and how to use integrated thematic units teachers can become more like Barbara PedersenRead More Integrating Curriculum, NY Essay1045 Words   |  5 PagesIntegrating Cur riculum, NY Integrating curriculum is important in the teaching of subjects and the learning of material. The integrating of curriculum allows for many different disciplines to be applied at the same time yielding more topics to be learned at once. But how does it work? The point of this paper is to answer the question how and to shed some light on the ideas of integrated curriculum. In the integration of curriculum, teachers teach more than one subject area at the same timeRead More Effective Curriculum Models for Gifted and Talented Students1736 Words   |  7 Pagesand Components: There are three curriculum models that are used to effectively teach gifted and talented students. These models include the Integrated Curriculum Model, the William and Mary Center for Gifted Education Research Model, and the Parallel Model. The Integrated Curriculum Model has three main dimensions advanced content, process/product, and issues/themes. The first dimension, advanced content, is content that it at a higher level. In English Language Arts the readings are usually two gradeRead MoreCurriculum Integration : Integrated Curriculum776 Words   |  4 Pagesresearched curriculum that has been said to engage students in learning is Integrated Curriculum. The integrated curriculum is an interdisciplinary approach that links different disciplines together (Martin, Colleen, Franklin, 2014). Integrated curriculum requires students to study a topic in depth, read many resources and materials, and also participate in many activities (Martin, Colleen, Franklin, 2014). Curriculum integration gives students a chance to meet a variety of curriculum expectationsRead MoreOvercoming Difficulties Associated With Curriculum Integration1109 Words   |  5 Pagesinherent difficulties associated with curriculum integration in their article, â€Å"In Overcoming Obstacles to Curriculum Integration, L.E.S.S. Can Be More!† The authors provide examples of teachers and schools that have found ways to successfully integrate curriculum, along with examples of ineffective integration. The system of American education has consisted for decades of courses taught individually, math taught by a highly qualified math teacher, English Language Arts taught by a highly qualified EnglishRead MoreEvaluation Of An Integrated Lesson Plan901 Words   |  4 Pages Through the lesson plans that we developed, I’ve learned how to implement art that is developmentally appropriate, meaningful, and challenging for students. The integration of art must be meaningful to the lesson but also challenging for the students. The integrated lesson plan must also consider a diverse classroom, allowing all students equal access to what is being taught. Most importantly, art experiences must help each child meet challenging and achievable learning goals. As teachers, we mustRead MoreAsynchronous Technologies Support Learning And Teaching909 Words   |  4 PagesNow that the LMS for the organization has been identified, the committee will determine the different assets that can be integrated into the LMS. The committee must also decide if the material will be delivered to the students synchronously, asynchronously, or as a combination of the two. Synchronous learning environments support learning and teaching and offer students and teachers with multiple ways of interacting, sharing, and the ability to collaborate and ask questions in real-time throughRead MoreWhy Is Literacy Is A Secondary Goal?1388 Words   |  6 PagesThe intention for FAST to be math and science focused does not mean that literacy is a secondary goal; it means that STEM concepts are integrated into the literacy equation for our students. Literacy encompasses three components for students; Reading Workshop, English Language Arts (ELA) and Writing. These subjects will be taught as a block, particularly in the early grades when students are progressing from learning to read, to reading to learn, so that students have more opportunities to linkRead MoreThe Impact Of Arts On American Public Schools1502 Words   |  7 PagesThe decline in the presence of fine arts, as well as their funding, in American public schools is associated with the changing priorities of American politicians, as well as the diverse curriculum that does not provide the arts a place. Since the relatively recent inception of new educational legislature, such as NCLB (No Child Left Behind), arts are struggling to find a space in the classroom even though they are integrated into the mandated curriculum. Whether it be increased focus on test preparation

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Machinery Of The Fume Scrubber Engineering Essay Free Essays

The geographic expedition in this undertaking evolves about the designing of the components in the machinery of the FUME SCRUBBER in the present twenty-four hours universe. Furthermore, the principal characteristics besides include significance of fume scrubber and its applications in the modern epoch. At the same minute is besides reveals about the facts of distinct parts of the machine and the operation of the machine. We will write a custom essay sample on Machinery Of The Fume Scrubber Engineering Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Following, it besides explores the design computations in order for the successful completion of the undertaking. It besides does include information about the basic survey of the Fume Scrubber that how it is created. The research besides reveals about the distinguishable types of smoke scrubbers available in today ‘s period. Consequently, it besides comprises of the CAD Model of the needed Fume Scrubber via utilizing PRO-E. In add-on, the theoretical account was re-done in order to obtain the Computation Fluid Dynamic Analysis for the flow of fluids inside the Fume Scrubber. As a consequence, of the applications, as elaborated in the undermentioned study the FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS has besides been justified. Therefore, the undertaking FUME SCRUBBER is illustrated in this study with the easiness of CAD Model. Introduction In the modern universe today, promotion in engineering via industries is at its highs. This sweetening of universe has its ain advantages and disadvantages. The advantages consider the amenitiess of the world and the possible disadvantage is menace to conventional environment conditions. Therefore, the endurance of world is influenced by the environment and hence, protection of the environment is of extreme importance in today ‘s epoch. As a effect, FUME SCRUBBER has been introduced to protect the nature from the harmful milieus created due to human activities ( e.g. mineral extraction, metal processing etc ) Mounting pollution of the environment from industries has anticipated to the speedy augment in environmental wellness and authorities ordinances, the milieus are really parlous for the species on Earth to digest, hence to heighten the environmental conditions the subsequent smoke scrubber were utilised. Scrubbers are intended to proficiently extravagancy and extinguish toxic exhausts from the concern bring forthing toxic gases which bring about decrease in ozone bed and green-house consequence. Scrubbers are miniature in volume and can be positioned where appropriate. Making usage of a typical tubing surrounded by a tubing propose, it has been built from plastic acid and base immune stuff that permits it denominate expeditiously indulged and extinguish up to 95 % of fumes gases. The specifications of the fume scrubber discussed in this study comprise of: – Large figure of holes for spraying the liquid 289cm tallness of the scrubber 143litres/min scouring liquid flow 5.08cm tubing OD Scrubbers are significantly utilized in industrial furnaces, hotel, chemicals procedure works, fabric Millss, boilers, metalworks and cement workss. In add-on, they are operated in air pollution monitoring equipments, allied industries and vacuity wadding. Scrubbers have apparent advantages which consist of: – Low force per unit area depletion and least energy necessity Easy flexibleness and high turn down Maintenance free and noiseless operation No adult male power required Therefore, the undermentioned study would find the operations of the fume scrubber, ways of bettering its design in an effectual method and depicts the efficient disposal of the undertaking. The study will show the design process followed in planing the FUME SCRUBBER and it will demo the consequences of CFD analysis and FEA analysis every bit good as discoursing ways of bettering the public presentation. Besides, its constituents aid in adept apprehension of the operation and applications of the fume scrubber. Therefore, the undermentioned study makes possible in emerging out the successful completion of the marks. Aims/objectives The main purpose of the undertaking ( FUME SRUBBER ) is to plan the constituents that exist in the machinery of Fume Scrubber. In add-on, analyzing the importance of Fume Scrubber and its applications in the existent universe are besides the chief characteristics of the undertaking. The undertaking design can be achieved via design computations which can farther be accomplished after the research about the machinery is carried out. Therefore, the research work involves the survey of distinct parts of the machine and the operation of the machinery. Consequently, the design computation leads to the preparation of the needed CAD theoretical account of the machine. Furthermore, enhanced analysis is carried out via executing the Finite Element Analysis of the system as the effects of lading are studied on the components of the setup. As a concluding point, the Computational Fluid Dynamics is besides involved to analyze the consequence of air flow in the Fume Scrubber. Last, the applicatio ns of the fume scrubber are to be elaborate via explicating the advantages of FUME SCRUBBERS in the industry. Design and Application of Fume Scrubber There are assorted types of designs available in the industry for different applications. The primary aim of the fume scrubber is to undertake the caustic exhausts, moist gases and air flows with dust nowadays in an industrial environment. There are three chief types of designs that have been developed in order to undertake the issue of remotion of contaminated air by purification procedure utilizing the appropriate fume scrubber. These are as listed below: Impingement Plate Scrubbers Packed bed Scrubbers Venturi Scrubbers Impingement Plate scrubbers are the scrubbers in which gas is passed vertically through all right perforations in a home base and is collided on marks and contacted with H2O or any other liquid fluxing horizontally across the home base. Pressure bead is one of the premier factors that determine the pick of scrubber. The figure and types of phases in home base scrubbers are specially designed to the conditions ; nevertheless these can be modified depending on alteration in the conditions or demands. Packed bed scrubbers are designed in such a manner that flow of gas rises, counter current to the flow of the scouring liquid through a jammed tower type construction, in which the taint or purification procedure takes topographic point. These types of scrubbers are besides designed in a horizontal alliance. The horizontal designed is used where multiple phase scouring is required or besides used in countries with less ceiling tallness. Venturi Scrubbers consists of an external venture subdivision which is designed to increase the speed of the incoming air before the air is combined with the scouring liquid and centrifuge where the remotion of contaminations take topographic point and hence sublimating the air. This type of scrubber is applied in procedures where condensation of liquid is present or metallic bluess are present or in the presence of chemical reaction which subsequently consequences in production of toxic exhausts for illustration ammonium chloride. Particle aggregation chiefly takes topographic point due to impaction as the fumes gas which is exhausted from the procedure and base on ballss through spray. The turbulency happening due to this causes the atoms to come in contact with the wet droplets and hence get collected. The efficiency of aggregation of atom additions with the nozzle force per unit area increasing which gives rise to an addition in liquid to gas ratio. This will besides ensue in an addition in force per unit area bead, which once more causes a rise to coerce bead. This type of scouring system has some restrictions every bit good such as care job. Venturi scrubbers are subjected scratch job in the high-speed countries such as the recess and mercantile establishment. 3.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of Scrubber In order to compare the scrubber in footings of working phenomena, the device is usually compared and evaluated with fabric filters and Electrostatic precipitators. The advantages of the scrubber over this device are as listed in the tabular array on the following page: Advantage Disadvantages Can work at high temperatures, high humidness Gas Streams Prone to corrosion Minimal exposure to fire and explosive jeopardies Requires High Power Can roll up both gases and particulate affair Water disposal jobs No Secondary dust beginning Difficult merchandise recovery. Requires minimal infinite compared to other control devices Vertical clip demands height clearance Table Advantages and Disadvantages of Fume Scrubber 3.2 Construction Materials As corrosion is one of the major job that could impact the systems behavior, the building of the scrubber is done chiefly in many different stuffs runing from Fibre reinforced plastic, PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Mild steel, Stainless Steel, FRP-lined mild steel, nickel metals and aluminum. The building stuff choice procedure is based on the demands and design footing provided by the client. 3.3 Suitable Applications Scrubbers can put to death the riddance of acidic, alkalic, soluble organic gasses, bluess, and odours get downing a gas watercourse. The jammed bed engineering scouring comprises the widest array of vapor and gas scouring maps. When fabrication of smoke scrubbers, it permit to choose the finest stuffs of production, in add-on to choose the finest wadding for the intent. Fume scrubber designed for the subsequent intents: Metal Pickling Lines Chemical Cleaning/Milling Lines Acid Etching Lines Acid /Chemical Bulk Storage Solvent Bulk Storage Metal Finishing Lines Metal Plating Lines Chemical Mixing Operations Chemical Processing Equipment Food Processing Pharmaceutical Blending Pharmaceutical Production 3.4 Efficiency Scrubbers include a acute measure of vigorous surface country with arbitrary dumped packing. The packing stuff elected is sourced on the maps ; attesting that it rupture the liquid watercourse into legion, smooth surface movies that generate in-depth gas/liquid familiarity at a low force per unit area diminution. In the class of procedure, gas watercourses rises by agencies of a jammed bed although scouring liquid class down ( by gravitation ) over the packing stuff. The counter-flow lineations standard beliefs most favorable mass transportation. 3.5 Benefits of Fume Scrubbers: Very Small Footprint Ease of Installation Variable Packing Height Local or Remote Blower Local or remote control panel Multiple Phases Height A ; Width Flexibility Significance of fume scrubber It is an air pollution control device that utilizes an inordinate energy liquid spray in order to eliminate aerosol and gaseous pollutants get downing an air watercourse. However, the gases are removed in two ways which are: – By soaking up Chemical reaction Gass are discharge from the burning procedure is conceded by agencies of armored combat vehicle enveloping a lime substance acknowledged as limestone slurry which can restrict and antagonize the S dioxide. Engineers concept and saddle horse high competency, depleted continuance smoke exhaust systems proposed to extinguish H2O soluble contaminations through gas soaking up and mechanical encroachment. These units can be standard-sized or usage built with the purpose of correspond to infinite and height boundaries or outline disposition. Appropriate smokes control setup in add-on necessitates the appropriate mechanism and system incorporation to be the chiefly efficient. In add-on to it, declaration to fume and wash up jobs by agencies of: Entire system design and integrating Automated pH control Performance information for air licenses Professional installing by experient applied scientists Extensive experience in system design Choice of proper stuffs of building Utilize high public presentation Lamtec wadding Flexibility in taking constituents for best public presentation Fume Scrubbers propose: Translating elements in gas watercourse into more effectual substances Geting rid of atoms from gas watercourses A choice of sizes, with the criterion sizes being: 24 † , 30 † , 36 † , 48 † and 60 † diameter scrubbers. Fabrication of both perpendicular and horizontal scrubbers harmonizing to your demands. Materials of creative activity utilised fluctuate depending on the chemical and procedure environments necessitated Fume scrubbers assembled are individually fabricated to extinguish mist, entrained liquid atoms, noxious caustic gases and bluess from the exhaust air watercourse. A jammed bed utilizing Lintec wadding is the bosom of the scrubber. Pollutant gases can normally be eliminated to any needed soaking up to convene confined air pollution ordinances. The pollutants are eliminated by agencies of the followers: Gas Absorption – toxic or otherwise unwanted gasses are captivated into the liquid section. Impingement – Particulate affair is eliminated by agencies of encroachment in the map of it is foremost forced by agencies of a moist packed bed and so by agencies of a stripe blade or mesh tablet filters subdivision. Equations used in fume scouring: The gases normally scrubbed include HCl produced from metal pickling. This is removed by a neutralization reaction with sodium hydrated oxide. The reaction is shown below: Another common smoke gas is azotic oxide every bit good as other N oxides. These will usually respond with the O in the air and the H2O vapor to organize azotic acid. Since it is acidic, azotic acid can be scrubbed by utilizing base. Nitrogen oxides tend to be produced from burning reactions. The reaction for this is: The merchandises of the scouring are so dissolved in the H2O and taken off from the air. Another common pollutant is sulphur dioxide. This is a gas that is produced by assorted industrial procedures such as doing semiconducting materials, batteries, and burning of sulfur incorporating fossil fuels. This gas, like N oxides, dissolves in H2O to organize sulfuric acid which is scrubbed with the usage of base. The undermentioned chemical reactions are known to take topographic point. A closely related pollutant is hydrogen sulphide gas. This is treated in a similar manner to sulfur dioxide. The chemical reactions speaking topographic point in the fume scrubber are: The salt merchandise of the reaction is taken off with the H2O therefore liberating the air from the H sulfide gas. One common gas is carbon dioxide gas. This is produced chiefly by burning and when heating carbonates. It is responsible for planetary heating and can be removed by change overing it into a carbonate that can be dissolved off from the air by the H2O. The chemical used is sodium hydrated oxide and the merchandise of the reaction is baking sodium carbonate, Na carbonate. The reaction is: Unburned hydrocarbons are besides an issue. These are dealt with by oxidizing them utilizing hydrogen peroxide or carboxylic acids. The merchandises are carbon dioxide and H2O. These can be farther scrubbed to bring forth carbonates to acquire rid of the C dioxide. The equations are: And Type of scrubber Wet scrubber A development of pollution manipulates engineering. The chief principal of operation of the moisture fume scrubber is the usage of liquids in wetting the air fluxing indoors. The contaminations will fade out into the liquid thereby traveling from the gas stage to the liquid stage. The air that leaves the scrubber is well cleaner than that air which entered it. The wet fume scrubber is able to command the flow of many pollutants including acids and the acidic gases e.g. HCl, SO2 etc that are produced from the assorted industrial procedures when handling metals. Wet scrubber is operated to scour assorted pollutants for case air and dust atoms. The operation of wet scouring involves contact of particulate affair along with the scouring solution for case H2O, complex solutions of reagents that peculiarly aim for house compounds. In add-on to this, the efficiency of the fume scrubber must be high to take all or bulk of the pollutants. In order for this to be achieved, the following techniques could be implemented: Increasing abode clip in the scrubber Increasing the surface country of the scrubber ‘s solution utilizing spray nose, packed towers. Bettering the soaking up of contaminations by taking an appropriate liquid There are two chief types of moisture smoke scrubbers. The first 1 is the venture nozzle type and the 2nd 1 is the jammed bed fume scrubber. An illustration of a wet fume scrubber is shown in figure 1 below. Mention: – Wang, Lawrence K, Pereira, Norman L A ; Hung, Yung TSE. ( 2004 ) Air Pollution Control Engineering ( Volume1 ) : Wet Scrubber. USA: Human Press Inc Figure 1, an illustration of a wet fume scrubber [ 1 ] The venture type moisture fume scrubber uses a individual nose to spray the liquid at really high force per unit area into the reaction chamber. The high force per unit area flow is aimed at the bottleneck of the chamber which is the venture subdivision. An of import and desirable effect of this manner of operation is that the venture wet fume scrubber does non necessitate the usage of a fan or a blower to travel and go around the air in the system as the force per unit area distribution creates the forces necessary for this to go on. Because of this, the venture type moisture fume scrubber is besides called ouster venture scrubber. Another of import facet of the operation is that this type of wet fume scrubber can non straight take contaminations and exhausts with atom sizes less than a micrometer. Since the ouster venture wet fume scrubber relies on the force per unit area and turbulency to blend the air and the liquid together, so an addition in force per unit area which leads to an addition in turbulency will maximize the commixture of the two flows ( the contaminated air and the liquid ) therefore taking to an addition in efficiency. The 2nd type of wet fume scrubber is known as the jammed bed moisture fume scrubber. Here a blower is used to coerce the air with contaminations to travel to the commixture chamber where the pollutants are removed. This type of wet smoke scrubbers requires less energy to run. However, it can non take atoms less than 5 microns in size. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Dry scrubber Dry scrubbers comprises of a chemical interpolation zone followed by manner of a reaction zone where the pollutant in the gas kernel treated counters with the base. Dry scouring involves two criterion procedures which are at present utilised in industries. First, a dry soaking up which introduces powered alkali soaking up agent addicted to foul gas watercourse. Second, semidry ; this instills resolute slurry into the contaminated gas watercourse and eliminates the liquid by agencies of vaporization, separating the vigorous, dry base soaking up agent. Both the procedures mentioned above eradicate base agent with an electrostatic precipitator. [ 4 ] Mention: – Wang, Lawrence K, Pereira, Norman L A ; Hung, Yung TSE. ( 2004 ) Air Pollution Control Engineering ( Volume1 ) : Dry Scrubber. USA: Human Press Inc Structures of smoke scrubbers Vertical smoke scrubber The perpendicular assembly is a counter-flow type with contaminated gas traveling upwards and reticulating liquid spraying downward into the mixing country. Gaseous contaminations are absorbed by the liquid due to solubility degrees or by chemical reaction. Counter-flow scrubbers can hold higher remotion efficiency than a Horizontal Packed Bed Scrubber. The perpendicular counter-flow design typically provides the best scrubbing efficiency of bluess and is the most common design found in most industries. Figure 2 below shows an illustration. Figure 2 a perpendicular packed bed fume scrubber Horizontal smoke scrubber This is a cross-flow design where the scouring liquid flows vertically downwards while the gas passes horizontally through the wadding commixture subdivision. A Horizontal Packed Bed Scrubber is used when limited headway is an issue at a installation or when low profile is desired for roof-top applications. Multiple phases can be easy provided in one lodging with separate sumps and pumps if required. The cross-flow design is less susceptible to bed fouling for airstreams that may incorporate solid particulate. Figure 3 A horizontal packed bed fume scrubber Component of fume scrubber RECIRCULATING Tank CONVERGENT TOP CONE Scrub Tank MIST ELIMINATOR RECIRCULATING Pump Motor WITH BLOWER NOZZLE PIPE HOOD / DUCT Function of constituent RECIRCULATING Tank: – Bacillus A Figure Water armored combat vehicle in a fume scrubber It comprises of combination of legion chemical intents for scouring process and H2O provender in the function of put in for the unneeded elements to repair downwards which has been set away through mercantile establishment port. It is utilised to allow efficient use of the trustee. In this undertaking H2O is utilized in such a manner that it will blend with the dust atoms coming from the recess and will settle at the underside of the armored combat vehicle. The armored combat vehicle has a drainage mercantile establishment which will be used when the armored combat vehicle requires emptying and cleaning procedure. This is denoted by missive A in the above figure Letter B denotes at the mercantile establishment of the H2O armored combat vehicle, which is connected to the recirculating pump. This so drives the H2O upward which will be sprinkled in the scouring armored combat vehicle as explained subsequently. Convergent Top cone: – Figure Convergent Top Cone The above figure is of a convergent cone which is comprises of the top subdivision of the fume scrubber tower. The portion is designed in such a manner that it provides a meeting way to the fluid to flux out of the fume scrubber. The convergent form allows the fluid flow to be extracted at a higher speed ensuing in a lessening in a force per unit area. This is supported by Bernoulli ‘s equation. On the top face of the convergent cone an extractor goon is placed which will make a force per unit area differential resulting in the suction of the pure air. Scrubing armored combat vehicle: – Calciferol C Bacillus A Figure Scrubbing Tank The inner of the armored combat vehicle is enveloped in the thick of acerb cogent evidence for case acid brick and it is a location where scouring development takes topographic point. Scrubing armored combat vehicle interruptions free toxic stuff and gases from air, which so gets assorted with the H2O and is deposited in the H2O armored combat vehicle as mentioned earlier. The armored combat vehicle has three recesss and one mercantile establishment. Letters a‚? , B and C are recesss and Letter is Outlet. Inlet A is the chief recess to the scouring armored combat vehicle this is from where the air enters the scouring armored combat vehicle. The air come ining the scouring armored combat vehicle is a assorted air i.e. with drosss. The elaborate dimensions of all the parts can be found in the undertaking logbook. Inlet B is the recess from which the H2O is sprinkled in to the scouring armored combat vehicle. This sprinkled H2O is will so unite with the drosss or dust and will therefore settle in the H2O armored combat vehicle at the underside of the construction. The sprinkled H2O enters the scouring armored combat vehicle by agencies of the recirculating pump connected externally. Inlet C and Outlet D are the countries where a wadding medium is placed. The ground behind the fond regard of the wadding media is to supply a maximal surface contact between the gas and the scouring liquid by easing uninterrupted formation of droplets throughout the jammed bed. This will ensue in addition in efficiency of a scrubber. The efficiency is besides depended on the tallness of the packing stuff. This maintains a unvarying volume and flow. Besides provides a high liquid to gas ratio. Moisture Eliminator: – Figure Mist Eliminator Mist Eliminator is a device that is placed in order to maintain the liquid in the vas. The ground behind add-on of this characteristic is that without this characteristic the droplets become airborne and are carried out of the vas by traveling fluid which causes job as liquid gets collected in the part where it is non meant to be present. This device is besides referred to as Moisture Eliminator or Moisture centrifuges. The image below describes a general procedure of how a wet eliminator works. Figure Working process of a Mist Eliminator [ 5 ] As it can be seen from figure 5 Mist eliminator captures the liquid drains. Mist is carried by vapor. The overhead vapor shown in the figure is free of all the drosss that are being suctioned by the goon. RECIRCULATING Pump: – Figure Recirculation Pump The chief map of the recirculation pump is to supply H2O to the scouring armored combat vehicle. The pump is driven by the motor which is fixed to the land. The motor provides a impulsive force for the H2O to be pushed into the scouring armored combat vehicle. The H2O from the H2O armored combat vehicle is suctioned by this pump. One of the positive facets of the motor design is that it will non be affected even in the instance of a presence of chemical in the H2O. Blower is a constituent that will force the air to the ambiance. The blower consists of usher vanes that direct the air flow out of the system. Motor with Blower Figure Motor with Blower Nozzle Pipe: – Figure Pipe with Nozzle The above diagram is of a pipe holding little pores in it. These pores allow the scattering of H2O which is coming from the recirculating pump. The working of this constituent is in the same mode as that of the sprinkler. The efficiency of this portion will hold an consequence on the efficiency of the fume scrubber. This is because the sum of H2O sprinkled from this pipe will ensue in the sum of dust being collected. Hood: – A Bacillus Figure Hood The goon is a pipe linking the fume scrubber with the blower. Inlet A is connected to the top of the convergent top cone subdivision of the fume scrubber. Mercantile establishment B is connected to the blower which will so steer the air flow out of the system as explained earlier. The decompression sicknesss in the goon will do a difference in the force per unit area and this force per unit area should be overcome by the blower in order for the system to run successfully. 6 15 8 5 2 3 4 7 Operation of fume scrubber 12 11 14 9 16 10 13 1 Figure Fume Scrubber Set up Figure 10 shows a complete installing set up of the fume scrubber with each of the constituents separately labelled by different Numberss. The maps of each constituent are as explained earlier, but the following description will sketch the working of the fume scrubber in an industrial environment. First, the installing is done either in a perpendicular or horizontal orientation depending on the design specification. The design selected in this scenario is of perpendicular orientation. In this peculiar type of fume scrubber assorted air enters the recess at point 1 from the room, chamber, etc. at a specified value of the volume flow rate. Item 15 are the recesss and mercantile establishments of the packing media. The map of the wadding media is to cut down the speed of the air which is coming from the recess ( item 1 ) . This will blockade the assorted air. The air is so in the assorted province inside the point 2 ( scouring armored combat vehicle ) . At this point, the recirculation pump ( item 13 ) is started which will so pull the H2O from the mercantile establishment in H2O armored combat vehicle ( item 10 ) into the recirculation pump and is so discharged into the pipe ( item 6 ) and from this point onward the H2O so enters the scouring armored combat vehicle by agencies of sprinkler ( item 5 ) . The H2O is so assorted with the impure air. The dust atoms in the air so combines with the H2O doing it heavier and therefore deposited at the underside of the H2O armored combat vehicle. Item 3 is the wet eliminator which collects the H2O droplets and eliminates it from the vapor. This will forestall the H2O or wet from traveling into the goon via the top conelike subdivision ( item 4 ) of the scrubber. The pure air is drawn into the goon ( item 7 ) . This suction procedure is done with the assistance of the blower ( item 14 ) . The outlet terminal of the goon is connected to a subdivision of canal which consists of usher vanes ( point 9 ) , set up in such a manne r that air is directed in the upward way towards the perpendicular canal ( item 8 ) which so discharges the pure air to the ambiance. The H2O from the H2O armored combat vehicle can be extracted manually detecting the H2O quality through a crystalline screen. After the armored combat vehicle is to the full emptied the H2O can be refilled into the armored combat vehicle by an extra recess which is located at the back terminal of the H2O armored combat vehicle every bit shown as figure 16 in the figure 10. The chief characteristic of the full procedure is the proper recirculation of H2O in the system, which mixes with the impure air to cut down the pollution degrees of the incoming gaseous mixture, therefore supplying a more purified and uncontaminated air to the ambiance leting a control in the air pollution and therefore lending to the decrease in the production of green house gases ensuing in the planetary heating. Cad theoretical account of fume scrubber Figure Isometric View The CAD theoretical account was made of a jammed bed fume scrubber utilizing pro applied scientist. The fume scrubber was designed by piecing together different parts. The parts of the fume scrubber were modelled separately and so assembled together. The diagram above shows a fume scrubber with all parts assembled together. The bluish chamber has been made transparent to enable the reader to see the internal parts of the fume scrubber. The parts were explained separately in a old subdivision. The assembly was made by stipulating the restraints for each portion. For illustration, the bluish chamber is to be steadfastly attached to the ruddy base. Therefore, the restraints were specified that at the junction between the bluish chamber and the ruddy base, an Ten way and Y way restraint was applied. Another illustration is the long ruddy connection tubing that joins the bluish chamber at the top. In that instance, the restraints are that the axes go throughing through the Centres of each must be coinciding i.e. the cross subdivisions of the two tubings must be homocentric. The same can be applied to all the other parts in the assembly. After the basic construction of the fume scrubber has been made by piecing the single parts, the moving parts and the mechanisms had to be specified. The chief moving machine is the blower which made of the fan and the motor. First, the mechanism was specified. The mechanism used was a rotating articulation applied to the shaft of the fan and the blower. Then, the way of rotary motion of the mechanism was specified. Finally, the interaction with other parts of the assembly was specified. This is fundamentally to guarantee that no struggle occurs when the joint rotates e.g. such as the fan clashing with the base or with the ruddy goon. This was a really basic description of the methodological analysis employed in piecing the fume scrubber and making the gesture simulation. The figure 12 on the following page shows the front position o f the fume scrubber for better apprehension of the system and besides the construction. Figure Fume Scrubber CFD of fume scrubber The CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamics ) analysis theoretical accounts the flow of the air through the fume scrubber. This gives a basic thought of the flight of the airstream and helps the interior decorators to modify the construction consequently. The CFD simulates how the watercourse behaves from entry to go out, and bespeaking the countries where the flow looses energy. The airstream used here is simulated at a volume flow rate of 10m3/s fluxing in from the chief recess country. Plots below are of the speed contour secret plans and of Velocity and Velocity in the y-direction. Figure: speed contour secret plan Figure: Y – speed counter secret plan The graph shows the speed of the airstream at different countries of the flow inside the chief vas. As can be observed, the speed is the highest at the top of the fume scrubber, bespeaking that the air moves at a high velocity at the top. Areas at a low speed have dveloped whirls, which result due to air at opposite speeds fluxing adjacently, doing the speeds to call off out. Looking at the Y – speed secret plan, it can be seen that some portion of the recess air flow moves upwards straight, while another volume of air moves downwardly. This portion so bounces back in to the upwards traveling air and merges with the flow. Figure: Flow Trajectory of airstream The above secret plan gives a clear simulation of the flow forms of the air flow inside the construction signifier recess to outlet. As can be seen, this trajectory representation mirrors the speed contour secret plans. Air moves from the recess in both the upwards and the downwards way. Upwards speed reaches its upper limit at the top of the mercantile establishment cone, while the other portion of the air flows back from the bottom towards the top. In the diagram, it can be seen that the air from the underside of the fume scrubber merges with the upwards fluxing air, which accelerates it further and tends to travel it towards the top mercantile establishment. The air flow simulated here is wholly disruptive. This means that the streamlines are non laminal and be given to travel in different waies once they exit the controlled infinite of the recess pipe. This pattern is true in the sense that a true complete laminar flow does non be in the existent universe, and to pattern the flig ht of the air as a turbulent fluid flow will give more accurate readings, which will be helpful in usage for farther computations which can be taken out for different parametric quantities. FEA of fume scrubber When planing a portion or constituent, it is necessary to analyze the elements and understand the forces impacting the operation of the system, and to set the construction consequently to obtain a successful theoretical account of the concluding merchandise. Transporting out the FEA ( Finite Element Analysis ) of a construction reveals the emphasis degrees, strain undertaken, and the supplanting of the construction under the applied force. There are assorted forces moving on the fume scrubber, nevertheless, the chief forces which apply a important consequence of the construction are the weight of the construction itself, the weight of the H2O in the H2O armored combat vehicle, and the force exerted by the inflowing airstream. However, sing the stuff selected for the fume scrubber, which is unstained steel 304, the initial premise is that the construction will hold a high value of the factor of safety, which is an optimal factor used to depict the dependability and sustainability of the fume scrubber. 13.1 Calculations See Appendix for measure by measure computation carried out to cipher the weight of the construction. Besides the computation for the Head losingss in the recirculation pump can be found in the Appendix. 13.2 Analysis The FEA analysis of the fume scrubber is evaluated by sing it being fixed at the base of the theoretical account. This ensures that the fume scrubber does non skid from its base. However some scrubbers might be intended to hold a sliding base, they have different specifications to go to to. Figure: fixture of the base of the H2O armored combat vehicle The forces being applied on the construction are the weight and the force per unit area due to the H2O and air. However, the air is fluxing at a comparatively low velocity and due to its low denseness, it does non impact a force sufficient plenty to associate to the weight and H2O force per unit area, therefore it is omitted from the computations for the simplification of the modeling. Transporting out engagement of the chief construction, it provides with the values of the emphasis distribution, supplanting and the factor of safety of the construction. These belongingss are really utile when depicting the sum of force that the stuff can defy. It besides suffices as to how much excess burden above the design emphasis can be undertaken by the construction if needed. Figure: emphasis distribution The figure shows the emphasis distribution across the construction due to the weight of the construction and the force per unit area on the H2O armored combat vehicle due to the H2O contained in it. As can be seen, the maximal emphasis occurs at the Centre of the H2O armored combat vehicle, which is about 39.2 MPa. This occurs because the centreline of the H2O armored combat vehicle experiences weight of the construction from the top and the reaction of the base from the underside, which tends to make a high emphasis at the center of the armored combat vehicle. Figure: supplanting secret plan The supplanting secret plan mirrors the emphasis secret plan in footings of the critical countries where the supplanting is at a upper limit. Although the supplanting is higher on the armored combat vehicle than at the other countries, the value is comparatively low, approximately 0.09034mm and does non impact the armored combat vehicle in any physical position. Figure: factor of safety secret plan As represented by the factor of safety secret plan, the minimal factor of safety is about 5.27, which occurs at the H2O armored combat vehicle. This means that the construction can at least prolong about more than 5 times the emphasis that it was designed to achieve. This reflects the dependability and sustainability of the construction, which is really important to any company willing to put in it. This besides represents a step of the life-time of the fume scrubber, detailing how long the system will work expeditiously until it is sent to be scrapped. Discussion The usage of fume scrubbers in industry is increasing and is being incorporated in different procedures such as metal intervention, metal pickling, and machining. The efficiency of fume scrubbers available today can near 99.9 % . The procedure of smoke scouring is of import for the protection of the environment and for wash uping the gases and contaminated air produced or used by the assorted industrial procedures described above. The design of fume scrubbers is a long and iterative procedure. The demands for fume scrubbers are that they must be able to scour exhausts with atoms that can be less than five micrometers in size. The operation of the fume scrubber will differ harmonizing to the rule employed. These different rules of operation have been discussed in this study in item. Furthermore, a moisture packed bed perpendicular smoke scrubber has been described in inside informations in this study with the design procedure outlined and the analysis of the scrubber. The analysis inc luded transporting out a CFD analysis to see the public presentation of the scrubber in footings of decelerating down the air and supplying the force per unit area needed for the disruptive commixture of the smoke atoms and gases with the cleansing liquid ( which efficaciously works by fade outing the gases and atoms in the exhausts ) . In this peculiar design although is non shown here, many jobs were encountered in the design of this scrubber to enable the efficient commixture to take topographic point. So, the system was modified several times to make the coveted public presentation. In the CFD analysis, as discussed in the CFD subdivision it is noted that the velocity at the recess to the scrubber of the spray ( the cleansing liquid spray ) was reduced as the country of the cross-section of the fume scrubber increased. This created some jobs in the initial design as it led to †uncontrolled † flow of the liquid spray significance that it is disruptive but, it does non follow the way intended for it to travel through. This job was solved by the aid of CFD analysis together with the fluid kineticss knowledge base. The force per unit area inside the fume scrubber is non high ( at least in this instance as the type used was packed bed type ) . If the design made were a venturi type smoke scrubber, so the force per unit area used will hold to be considered since it can be rather high. However, in the instance of the design presented here the force per unit area was non high and so it was ignored when a emphasis analysis was carried out. There are grounds for this. First, the force per unit area is really little and handling the fume scrubber as a force per unit area vas, it is seen by transporting out a simple computation that the emphasis in the walls, which will be maximal as a hoop emphasis, will non be high to be of importance. However, the perpendicular smoke scrubber besides acts a column or a prance and is subjected to a burden due to its ain weight that acts as a compaction burden ( ideally ) which can do buckling of the scrubber. Buckling is an utmost instance as the wall thickness has to be really little and the tallness of the fume scrubber really big or the stuff from which it is made is holding a low snap modulus. The FEA showed that no buckling was at that place and so the compaction strength of the scrubber was equal. There is a safety factor for the scrubber and this besides takes into history the little force per unit area rise inside the scrubber. Again, the emphasiss in the walls due to the internal force per unit area have been ignored because these are little plenty to be neglected but for a venture type, these would hold been basically included in the emphasis analysis of the scrubber. Decision The decision from the above is that the usage of fume scrubber is a really cost effectual method of cleaning procedure air from the exhausts and suspended atoms in the air. The concern director or the mill which wishes to use fume scrubbers in its operations will be benefit from improved pureness of the fumes gases and better working environment in welding and metal machining premises. The clean air is an indispensable legal demand today and the usage of fume scrubbers helps make the set aims. Furthermore, the fume scrubber reduces environmental pollution that arises due to the particulates every bit good as the acidic and caustic gases produced in the exhausts. The chief issues to see are the type of fume scrubber to use, the constellation, and the cost of the scrubber. The type will be dictated by the energy supply available to run the scrubber as the venture type scrubbers need to bring forth a high force per unit area spray which requires a big energy input. The jammed bed type h as lower energy demands. The constellation to utilize i.e. horizontal or perpendicular will be dictated by the infinite available in the premises where the fume scrubber will be installed. The concluding factor is the cost of the scrubber which can be justified by transporting a cost analysis to compare the different types of the scrubbers to utilize. Mentions: – Kingston University, ( Internet ) Available at lt ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed 18/04/2010 gt ; gt ; Kingston University, ( Internet ) Available at hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed on 18/04/2010 Kingston University, ( Internet ) available at hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed on 18/04/2010 Wang, Lawrence K, Pereira, Norman L A ; Hung, Yung TSE. ( 2004 ) Air Pollution Control Engineering ( Volume1 ) : Dry Scrubber. USA: Human Press Inc Kingston University, ( Internet ) Available at hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed on 19/04/2010. Kingston University, ( cyberspace ) Available at lt ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed on 21/04/2010 gt ; gt ; Kingston University, ( cyberspace ) available at lt ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed on 22/04/2010 gt ; gt ; Kingston University, ( Internet ) available at hypertext transfer protocol: // % 5C2-Experiments_Losses_in_Pipe_systems.pdf accessed on 22/04/2010. Kingston University, ( Internet ) available at hypertext transfer protocol: // Kingston University, hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // Mention: -Kingston University ( Internet ) , available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // Bibliography How to cite Machinery Of The Fume Scrubber Engineering Essay, Essay examples

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Downloading Movie and Tv is not a Crime

Question: Write an essay on "Downloading Movie and Tv is not a Crime". Answer: Presentation The given study portrays how people have an alternate perspective towards downloading a music or video from the web wrongfully. Also when theft is done it implies that duplicates of some records are made wrongfully without the consent of the copyright proprietor (Robertson et al., 2012). The exposition displayed talks about downloading motion picture and television taking into account the diverse speculations of morals when inferred to the examination. Diagram of ICT-Related Ethical Issue For this situation study two standards are utilized to comprehend the moral issues on downloading motion pictures and TV. Be that as it may, before it is clarified the hypotheses ought to be seen unmistakably (, 2016). An individual using the internet to download movies and TV must have ethics that bounds him to do it illegally. He might download the movie paying the copyright owner and this avoids him from any copyright infringement notice from the owner (Robertson et al., 2012). There are no laws made for an individual in Australia that criminalise a person of downloading or watching web content for personal use. Use of moral hypothesis to the examination Utilitarianism: The most acclaimed consequentialist hypothesis is utilitarianism. This hypothesis comes in various adaptations. A few adaptations keep up that the main thing that is characteristically great, or great in it, is delight, and the main thing that is naturally terrible is torment (Hayry, 2013). So to decide the ethical status of an activity, what one considers the aggregate amount of delight that the activity produces, and the aggregate amount of agony that it produces (Scarpi, 2012). The better the equalization of the previous over the last mentioned, the better the activity is, and the activity with the best adjust of joy over torment is the activity that one ought to perform. In the event that this perspective is correct, then different things that are important are just instrumentally profitable. So things like fellowship, information of different sorts, awesome centerpieces, as, are important simply because they offer ascent to joy, or to a decrease in torment. This form of utilitarianism was progressed by Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). Bentham entered Oxford at 12 years old, and graduated at 15 years old, and after that went ahead to study law (Lucas Galinsky, 2015). As opposed to providing legal counsel, nonetheless, he chipped away at the undertakings of building up a superior legitimate framework, and of transforming both criminal and common law. His work had an extremely incredible effect upon legitimate hypothesis. In view of the theme downloading motion picture or television from web an individual ought to consider his moral values and judge himself that what might be the impact on the off chance that he downloads a substance that is copyright secured (Hayry, 2013). The individual ought not generally consider his benefit as opposed to put some fixation on the impact that would be brought on for their work done. Just-Consequentialism: Just consequentialism is an arrangement of connected morals created by James H. Field in 1999 by consolidating center qualities and consequentialism, and Bernard Gert's deontological ideas. In this hypothesis the individual occupied with doing some occupation doesn't consider the result of the work they do (Nye et al., 2015). The result is judged in the wake of doing the errand and on that premise the following move is made. Morals have minimal impact in Just Consequentialism the significant center of the individual is on finishing his undertaking. Unlawful Downloading "is" Stealing Generally an individual does not steal anything from the store but they try to steal things from the internet like a person would not think to steal a car but he can download movie from an illegal site. This is due to unawareness, which might lead an individual to do a crime. This is an unethical cause and the person trying to download movie from a illegal website might be sued copyright infringement notice. There are no laws made for an individual in Australia that criminalise a person of downloading or watching web content for personal use. Many gamers try to download games from torrent sites which is illegal and a breach to the copyright law. The companies expense a huge amount of money in making a game and if it gets pirated then there is a huge loss for the company. It is unethical for an individual to use pirated software or any media content and he might face jurisdiction (Aaltonen Salmi, 2013). When a media is copied against the permission of the copyright owner and distribu ted it is called piracy. There is no proper reason against copying a digital media because one might buy a video and copy it to his mobile and laptop and it also illegal but ethically this is right. The Australian Copyright Act. was passed in 1968 to cuddle the piracy of the web content. An individual breaking this law can be charged fine by the copyright owner, the fine is decided upon the web content that he has downloaded which is uncapped. The copyright owner can obtain the list of downloader from the local internet service provider who have illegally downloaded their content and can impose a fine upto $5000 (Gray, 2013). Solution to this problem is still in research and it has shown that the availability of media as online streaming option can reduce the infringement notice by 20%. The users must be discourage of piracy and more web media must be made available to the individual and other plans to curtail piracy is blocking of the illegal sites (Wang McClung, 2012). If the illegal pirate sites are blocked then the user would not be able to access those site and they would not face any problem regarding copyright (, 2016). Rationale Diagram: Figure 1: Diagram for mapping the arguments (Source: Created by author) Proposals There are numerous powerful answers for fathom downloading of motion pictures illicitly, for example, This issue can be unraveled by executing a few controls on the main source where the media is uploaded illegally. The medium through which the media is made available can be restricted by the copyright owner. The cost for which the substance ought to be accessible to the client ought to be such that the client would pay joyfully. More attention to dishearten the Australians for utilizing privateer locales and expansion their moral quality ought to be finished. The first substance ought to be made accessible to the web on their discharge this lessens the theft to an awesome level. The school and open wifi supplier ought to be capable to track the web utilization and for the encroachment notice. Conclusion: Downloading movie and Tv content from the internet is not considered as a crime unless it is done illegally. The illegal download of the movie from any pirate site can cause jurisdiction act on the user and copyright owner can impose an uncapped fine to the downloader. More web content that is free to the user should be increased in order to decrease the copyright infringement notice. Recording from a cable TV box is free to its subscriber and some free videos and movies must also be available to the user. There is a subscription charge for the cable TV but internet is not free users pay for their internet service also. However, the piracy of the paid content must be strictly prohibited as the artists and the singers make their CDs and DVDs that incurs them a cost and if it is copied and pirated over the internet then they face a huge loss and this has a negative impact on the world economy. References Aaltonen, M., Salmi, V. (2013). Versatile delinquents or specialized pirates? A comparison of correlates of illegal downloading and traditional juvenile crime.Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention,14(2), 188-195. Gray, J. (2013). The national capital in the landscape: the legacy of Australian government action from 1913 to 2013.Landscape Architecture Australia, (138), 20. Hayry, M. (2013).Liberal utilitarianism and applied ethics. Routledge. Life, D., News, D., crime, D. (2014).Downloading movies and TV is not a crime.The Sydney Morning Herald. Lucas, B. J., Galinsky, A. D. (2015). Is utilitarianism risky? How the same antecedents and mechanism produce both utilitarian and risky choices.Perspectives on Psychological Science,10(4), 541-548. Robertson, K., McNeill, L., Green, J., Roberts, C. (2012). Illegal downloading, ethical concern, and illegal behavior.Journal of Business Ethics,108(2), 215-227. Scarpi, D. (2012). Work and fun on the internet: the effects of utilitarianism and hedonism online.Journal of Interactive Marketing,26(1), 53-67. Wang, X., McClung, S. R. (2012). The immorality of illegal downloading: The role of anticipated guilt and general emotions.Computers in Human Behavior,28(1), 153-159.

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Glass Menagerie Essays - English-language Films, Film,

Glass Menagerie In The Glass Menagerie, the main characters are Laura, Amanda, Tom, Jim, and Father. Each character can be found with symbols that best represent them. Laura 's two symbols are Blue Roses and her glass menagerie, Unicorn. Amanda 's yellow dress and bathrobe can express her love she has of the past event. Tom 's symbols are the movies and merchant marine. Jim's symbolize itself as a gentlemen caller for Laura. The Father 's portrait portrays his abandonment of the Wingfield family. Laura is a hypersensitive young girl. She spends all of her time in a world of glass ornaments and stayed in her apartment. Even though she tries several times to participate in the outside world, she is too fragile. The Blue Roses represent the uniqueness of Laura. Blue Roses do not exist in this world or even if there is, it is not by nature. This rose is different from other roses just as Laura is different from other girls. The color blue represents the sadness and depression. Laura felt these feelings at home because she is not as popular as Amanda and she cannot succeed in college that Amanda hopes her to be. Amanda's expectation caused Laura to feel bad when she does not meet her requirements. Laura had dropped out of Rubicam Business College and she can not find any gentleman caller. Roses represent Laura along with her beauty and innocence. The stem of the rose can define as the support that Amanda and Tom gave her. The thorn is her shyness. It is her shy! ness that no one wants to go near her and she does not want to go near anyone. The Glass Menagerie represents Laura' hypersensitive nature and fragility. Laura is just as easily broken as a glass unicorn and just as unique. When Jim accidentally bumps into the unicorn and breaks it, the unicorn is no longer unique. When Jim kisses Laura and then shatters her hopes by telling her he is engaged, she becomes broken-hearted and less unique. The innocence that made Laura so unique is now lost. Both Laura and the glass menagerie break when they are exposed to the outside world. When Laura gives Jim her broken unicorn, it symbolizes her broken heart that Jim will take with him when he leaves. She gives Jim a little bit of herself to take with him and he leaves behind a little bit of himself with her shattered horses. Amanda is a middle-aged southern woman whose husband had abandoned her. She spends her time reminiscing about her seventeen gentlemen callers and nagging at Tom and Laura. She is completely depending on Tom for financial business of the family and a responsibility for Laura's future. Amanda dreams back to the time when she was a young girl wearing yellow dress. Those certainly were better days. The past was a wonderful experience for her compare to the reality which she a now an abandoned wife with two children. Mr. Wingfield was cruel to leave the family but Amanda still loves him. She wears his bathrobe and often looks at the portrait of her husband. She can not put the past behind her. Amanda is obsessed with her past as she constantly reminds Tom and Laura of that one Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain. " When Jim arrives, Amanda is dressed in the same girlish frock she wore on the day that she met her husband. She regresses to her childish days of entertaining! the gentleman callers. She chooses to live in the past. Moreover, she hoped that the gentleman caller is not handsome because Mr. Wingfield is handsome and he wins her heart in a second. She does not want Tom to be a drunkard, have manner in eating, and stop smoking. She wished her children luck, happiness, and success in the future but irony, she rather live in a life of illusion and recall all of her past experience. Tom Wingfield loves to go to the movies. But Amanda does not believe that his evenings are so innocent. She does not understand that Tom wants adventure. Since his life is full of responsibility: money, future of Laura, boring job. He wanted more in

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The Sufficient Guide on Writing a Physics Research Paper with Ease

The Sufficient Guide on Writing a Physics Research Paper with Ease Unlike a dissertation for Ph.D., which is an independent scientific piece of research, a physics research paper is qualified as the research and development work based on the simulation of more or less known solutions. The scientific level should correspond to the educational-professional training program. Such an activity should not just solve scientific problems, but also certify that its author can conduct scientific research properly and recognize some issues and methods relevant to the field of study Physics. This physics research paper writing guide is helpful to plunge into the writing process and achieve great results in it. Read all the information given here attentively without switching over to the other ‘useful’ activities. Your Facebook page won’t run away from you and the high mark can melt away. Don’t risk of not finishing your research paper in Physics on time. This Guide on Physics Research Paper Writing Consists of: The choice of the topic; The definition of the object, subject, purpose, and objectives of the study; The selection and analysis of the sources and literature on the topic: Drawing up a preliminary plan; Writing an entry; Establishment of facts and their coordination; The formulation of conclusions and recommendations; The registration of the list of used sources and applications; Writing the basic text of the work; The final preparation to submit the paper. For rational use of time when writing a physics research paper, you should adhere to the given algorithm. Know why? When evaluating the final draft of the work, the qualifiers proceed from the fact that the student must be able to: Formulate the purpose and tasks of the research; Make a research plan; Conduct a bibliographic search using modern information technologies; Use current methods of scientific research, modify existing ones, and develop new techniques guided by the objectives of a particular study; Process the received data, analyze and synthesize it based on the well-known literary sources; Submit research results following the latest requirements. The Topic Choice for a Physics Research Paper: What and Why? The topics for physics research papers writing are usually developed by the supervisors who carry out the guidance on the student’s writing. It should correspond to the current stage of the physics science and provide an opportunity for theoretical analysis and experimental study of the problem; to expand the knowledge of students on the topic; to visualize the possibility of continuing the research within the framework of the thesis. The student also may propose the own topic while constructing the argument on the physics subject. When choosing the theme of the paper, the student must take into account his or her scientific and practical interest in the problem; the scope and the nature of the work to be performed; the ability to cooperate with the supervisor. The subject of the paper is offered to the students at the beginning of the academic year so that they can select the topic of research in advance; to identify tasks, the fulfillment of which is necessary for achievement of the goal; to plan their activities and determine the scope of work subject to experimental verification and it’s inclusion into the individual research tasks; to arrange the results of work in a timely manner. Good Topics Examples: Analysis of Functional Dependencies of Physical Quantities: Dimension Method; Visualization of Sound Vibrations; Physical Vacuum Energy; Laws of Conservation of Energy and Symmetry of Space-Time; Linear Theory of Oscillations. Bad Topics Examples: The History of Physics as a Science; The Physics Laws and Their Impacts; The Gravitation and Its Specifics; The Idea of Perpetual Motion. Literature Sources: How and What to Search for? Following the chosen topic, the student searches, systematizes, and retrospectively analyzes the sources of scientific and methodological information: monographs, abstracts of scholar papers, textbooks, manuals, publications in the professional journals, abstract reviews, and some data from the Internet. The research needs to determine the depth of the retrospective analysis of professional scientific and methodological sources. Particular attention should be paid to the data published in the periodicals, which provides information on the results of recent scientific studies in physics and its implementation in practice. An abstract and preliminary critical processing of information sources forms the basis for the preparation of the first section of scientific work. The origins of actual information are the results of experimental studies in physics, the results of sample observations, and the surveys of prominent scientists. Examples of Suitable Sources for Your Physics Research Paper: Binder, K., Heermann, D., Roelofs, L., Mallinckrodt, A. J., McKay, S. (1993). Monte Carlo simulation in statistical physics. Computers in Physics, 7(2), 156-157. Chi, M. T., Feltovich, P. J., Glaser, R. (1981). Categorization and representation of physics problems by experts and novices. Cognitive Science, 5(2), 121-152. McDermott, L. C., Redish, E. F. (1999). Resource letter: PER-1: Physics education research. American Journal of Physics, 67(9), 755-767. Peskin, M. E. (2018). An introduction to quantum field theory. CRC Press. Serway, R. A., Jewett, J. W. (2018). Physics for scientists and engineers with modern physics. Cengage Learning. Compulsory Components of Physics Research Paper Writing The content of the work contains a list of its structural elements with the indication of the pages. Introduction reveals the essence of the scientific problem, its significance, the bases, initial data for the development of the topic, and justification of the need for research. The following is a step-by-step description of what goes in the paper’s introduction: The urgency of the problem that determined the choice of the topic for research (formulation of expediency for the development of the relevant field of science through the critical analysis and comparison with the previous problem solving); The object of research (process or phenomenon that generates a problem situation chosen for study); The subject of research (contained within the object it should focus on it since it defines the topic); The purpose and tasks that need to be addressed to achieve the goal; Research methods used to reach the goal; Research material and its volume used to accomplish the goal; The scientific relevance (a summary of the new provisions or decisions proposed by the author in person, with the required indication of the difference between these provisions and those already known); The practical value; The structure of work (for example introduction, sections, conclusions, the list of sources, and appendixes). The main part consists of sections, subdivisions, and sub-clauses which provide: A review of the specialized literature (with an emphasis on the recent researches) and the choice of the research areas (the total scope should not exceed 20% of the central part of the work); An analysis and results of the research of the author with the obligatory coverage of the new openings that he or she makes in the process of the research. Each section begins with a new page. The sections of the main part are: A review of the literature on the topic (the name of the content may vary depending on the subject and objectives of the study); Analysis of the situation behind the problem; Description of the research, development, and applied methods; Information on the local research and development; summary of the problem’s solutions, suggestions, and recommendations; Generalization of the research results. In the beginning of the work, the author investigates historical sources on the problem, the causes of its existence, analyzes the possible negative consequences of the non-solution of the problem, the experience of solving similar problems in other countries. The literary sources, press reviews, preliminary research results, statistical and additional information are involved for this purpose. The analysis of the literature should be non-descriptive, revealing, critical, and focused on finding the ways to solve the problem and present its author’s position in the light of other researchers settings. The references to the used literature that follow the applicable rules are obligatory to prevent plagiarism. The work cannot be evaluated positively in the case of detecting plagiarism. It is necessary to pay attention to the logical relationship between sections and subdivisions of the main part, in particular, the use of the results of analysis and research in developments and proposals. The presentation of the material is subject to the leading idea identified by the author, which follows from the subject of the study and the objectives of the work. The student must strive for each section to be completed as part of the study. It is desirable, if possible, to evenly distribute the primary material over the sections and subdivisions of the central segment of the paper. The final structure of the core part of the text largely depends on its specificity, which may not fit into the requirements of these recommendations. Besides, it should be born in mind that the rules of scientific communication regulate the nature of the presentation of scientific information, restricting the expression of one’s own opinion in its pure form. In this regard, the authors try to resort to linguistic constructions that exclude the use of the pronoun â€Å"I.† The author acts in plural and uses the pronoun â€Å"we† instead of â€Å"I,† and this is justified because any research is a consequence of the work of the group of people and represents collective creativity. Conclusions come in two types to the sections and the general ones. The conclusions to the sections may contain a numbered statement of the research results obtained in the relevant part. The general conclusions should include a summary of the theoretical and practical results obtained by the author of the study, as well as substantiation of the prospects for further research in a particular field. There should be no further reasoning in the conclusions, but the student needs to emphasize the achievements based on the goals and objectives. It summarizes the most significant findings, the results of the work and its practical testing, the unresolved issues, possibilities, and prospects of the actual implementation and expansion of the received scientific, methodological, educational, and functional results. To follow the desired style of conclusions, it is useful to use the following words and expressions: analyzed, established, discovered, proved, demonstrated, researched, developed , received, proposed, recommended, it is considered expedient and so on. The list of used literature provides only the sources for which the references are made. It is given in alphabetical order following the established standards. The list of sources for the illustrative materials is also compiled alphabetically following the rules. Appendixes are given at the end of the work after the list of literature. These include the supporting materials necessary for the comprehension of the physics research paper (tables, graphs, glossaries, illustrations, recommendations), and are not indicated by numbers, but by letters (Appendix A, B, C) in the upper right corner. Our Writers’ Warning: Typical Drawbacks and Mistakes in Physics Research Paper All the online resources state what to do, but few resources highlight the points that you should avoid in your research paper writing. But still, there are few points not recommended to do when writing the research paper on physics: The content of the paper does not correspond to the plan or does not reveal the topic entirely or in its central part. The formulated sections (subdivisions) do not reflect the real problem situation or the state of the object. The purpose of the study is not related to the problem, formulated abstract, and does not reflect the specifics of the object and subject of the investigation. The author did not achieve independent view; the work is a compilation or plagiarism. An in-depth and comprehensive analysis of current official documents and new literature on the subject of research (last 2-10 years) has not been made. An analytical review of publications on the topic of work has the form of an annotated list and does not reflect the level of the research problem. The content and organization of personal experimental research (its essence, duration, place of conducting, amount of surveyed, their characteristics) are not disclosed; the state of practice is highlighted. The result does not correspond to the purpose of the study; the conclusions do not correspond to the tasks. There are no references to the sources. A bibliographic description of the sources in the list of used literature is given arbitrarily, without complying with the requirements of the state standard. The illustrative material tables and diagrams are not original but copied from a textbook, tutorial, monograph, or scientific article. The volume and design of the work do not meet the requirements; the work is done sloppy, with errors. The next is a list of actions that students can involve in the preparation and writing of physics research paper based on an experiment: To work out the literature on the research problem. To write a technical section of research paper following the outline agreed with the supervisor. To develop a model of an experimental installation for research. To pick up the equipment to create an experimental installation designed for research. To make a device to study the relationship between the objects. To create a program of conducting the dependency studies with application of the developed equipment. To conduct an experimental study of the phenomenon or the relationship between the values and to make the necessary calculations. To analyze the results and present the conclusions. To perform the statistical processing of the experiment results (if necessary). To describe the experimental and statistical material in the second section following the plan agreed with the scientific supervisor. To prepare a paper for the submitting. In case of the correct application of all these points, the final result will be in line with the basic requirements for the scientific work. However, this physics research paper writing guide does not pretend to be the only true path and the main way you should follow during the research paper writing process. Don’t be afraid of looking for your own recipe of a perfect academic text. Just rely on our experience and broaden your own one!

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Logistics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Logistics - Research Paper Example Large organizations such as Wal-Mart owe their success from effective product distribution path design that has enabled them to make autonomous sales and to maintain loyalty from its esteemed customers. An effective distribution path ensures that products are available to the customers and that they are easy to access at any given time. Wal-Mart has put a great emphasis on supply chain management to beat the competition that exists within the global markets to maintain its dominance in the business environment. This article seeks to evaluate how Wal-Mart has managed to utilize supply chain management to maintain its relevance in the competitive business market. Wal-Mart is one of the famous retail multinational organizations based in America that has maintained high profits through effective product management and supply. The company has maintained an upward growth its entry into the business market in the year 1969, when it was locally based in America (Stentoft, 2010). Today it has managed to hit the international market and has remained one of the dominant sellers of grocery and food products. Today, this company owns 8500 stores in 15 different countries where it is known by different business names. As Traub (2012) points out, Wal-Mart success emanates from its ability to maintain a smooth path for the flow of its goods and today the company enjoys the privilege of being associated with the most effective channel design strategies in the global market. In essence, Wal-Mart has remained swift and dynamic in adjusting to the changes in market environment as a strategy to infiltrate into the competitive market environment. At its foundation, Wal-Mart started with the objective of providing the public with the goods they need, at the specific time they need them and at the most convenient form for utilization. In this regard, the company had to study the market environment to establish the demand of the people before arriving to the idea of purchasing, process ing and supplying food and grocery products in various forms. Their primary goal was to control its entire operations by maintaining efficient production, transportation, product storage and its distribution, and selling in its product outlets (Bonacich & Wilson, 2005). Consequently, the management applied an integrative approach to coordinate all the processes from the time the raw products were obtained to the time they were sold to the user in the market environment. Apart from cost strategies, management of this company has employed numerous business strategies to coordinate the supply chain to their advantage. One of the strategies that Wal-Mart management has employed to remain competitive in its dominant countries is the use of pricing strategies to ensure that it is capable of supplying its products to distant markets at lower prices than its competitors. Often, the cost of moving products from the point of production to the point of consumption places cost overheads on the final product cost resulting to high priced goods (Stentoft, 2010). The ability of an organization to reduce the transport cost overheads makes it possible for it to reduce the selling cost without having to sacrifice the quality of the product. Wal-Mart maintained low supply cost by eliminating the role of middlemen in the product path. Although middle men play a key role in supplying raw materials and supplying ready products to the customer, they impose a large overhead cost that often